F.u.e.l. ™ 

The F.U.E.L. product from Rollcage Technology is more than just a product, it is a complete process, methodology and automation solution for acquiring managed services and automating the process for implementing, migrating and managing PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud (OCI/PaaS/DBaaS). FUEL provides the necessary processes and tools to effectively Architect, Install, Design, Configure, Test, Convert and Deploy PeopleSoft applications in the Oracle Cloud. The FUEL product components include:

•Fuel Estimator

•Fuel Contractor

•Fuel Architect

•Fuel Converter

•Fuel Refresh

•Fuel Gauge

F.U.E.L Methodology

Rollcage Technology's upgrade lab methodology and approach for PeopleSoft upgrades is unique when compared to other methodologies and upgrade labs because of our approach and experience which dates back to PeopleSoft version 2. Moreover, Our entire team is focused on delivering services only for PeopleSoft upgrades and managed services.

F.U.E.L provides a comprehensive upgrade methodology that addresses the current and future needs of your PeopleSoft environment. The methodology allows you to take advantage of the new features and functions of the software while simultaneously completing the technical aspects of the upgrade process.

The F.U.E.L. methodology can also be tailored to your unique requirements. Our methodology was designed from the ground up to allow you to continue running your business while moving through the upgrade process.   

  • Demo environment is used as source and management of the upgrade utilizing PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) and Change Assistant.

  • The Demo environment is available to you during the upgrade.

  • The Development environment is upgraded in place and is available for Fit/Gap process with your data.

  • Customizations with conflicts are staged for remediation.

These key differentiators in our methodology allow the upgrade process to be accelerated, more efficient and transparent to you. Our Upgrade Lab is housed within our Data Center located in Simsbury, CT. and  all of our Upgrade Lab team members are based in the U.S.