PeopleSoft Legacy is Rollcage Technology's solution for PeopleSoft customers moving to new ERP solutions.

Implementing Cloud based ERP solutions and replacing your existing PeopleSoft solution can be costly depending on your requirements. In particular, converting your history from PeopleSoft to a new SaaS based ERP solution can be the single most risky and costly part of your implementation. Choosing our PeopleSoft Legacy solution mitigates this risk from your project and allows you to keep your PeopleSoft applications in a stable environment that you can access 24x7. If you need access to your data, PeopleSoft Legacy allows you to access PeopleSoft just as you always have in the past. 

PeopleSoft Legacy Benefits:

  • Only a copy of your PeopleSoft Production environment is necessary

  • Access to your PeopleSoft solution 24x7

  • Reduce your infrastructure costs

  • Access your history 24x7

  • Run Reports 24x7

  • No PeopleSoft support staff required

  • Fixed Monthly Fee

PeopleSoft Legacy allows you to keep a copy of your Production environment for as long as you need it. You can pay month to month until you no longer need the environment or discounted multiyear contracts are available based on the same fixed fee cost structure. Click here to access our PeopleSoft Legacy cost estimation tool or Call us for your PeopleSoft Legacy quote at (860) 658-1993. 


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