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Even with the constant flood of new products and solutions in the marketplace, Oracle's PeopleSoft software continues to be innovated and the solution is rich with robust functionality based on more than 25 years of research and development.  

Rollcage Technology has been delivering solutions for PeopleSoft in the cloud for more than 16 years. If you are looking at multiple cloud solutions such as Oracle, Amazon or Azure for your PeopleSoft solution, we understand what is necessary to take advantage of these cloud solutions. Our team has experience migrating PeopleSoft solutions to multiple cloud structures and back to on premise. If you need to migrate a PeopleSoft solution, we have the right process and methodology - it's proven, hardened and repeatable. With your business's sensitive data on the line, the best low risk decision is to work with Rollcage Technology for all of your cloud based needs for PeopleSoft.   

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PeopleSoft Cloud

Private Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Hosting

Private Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Hosting delivers the benefits associated with the cloud without the risk. Agility, scalability and efficiency in a single tenant and closed environment is available in our PeopleSoft Cloud.

Why choose a PeopleSoft Cloud at Rollcage Technology?

  • Expertise with PeopleSoft dating back to version 2.2

  • Lower cost and faster return on your investment

  • Speed to Market

  • Continuous innovation

  • High availability and performance

  • Security and compliance

  • Faster Response and resolution

  • Disaster Recovery

  • U.S. based resources

Rollcage Technology provides a secure, 24x7 Private Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your PeopleSoft solution needs. Our enterprise class data centers are located in Simsbury, Connecticut and Nashville, Tennessee. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is located in several data centers within the U.S. Rollcage Technology is singularly focused on PeopleSoft. We don't offer services for other ERP solutions and our expertise is deep versus wide. Our team of experts also average more than 10 years of experience managing PeopleSoft architectures.

We are also well versed in the latest Oracle Cloud Technologies for PeopleSoft including PeopleSoft’s Cloud Manager. We are your premier Oracle PeopleSoft Managed Services Provider.


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Managed Services

PeopleSoft Managed Services

With experience dating back to version 2.2 of PeopleSoft, Rollcage Technology's team of experts know PeopleSoft and are dedicated only to managing PeopleSoft environments. Their experience, knowledge and skills are deep, not wide, providing you with capabilities you need for maximizing your investment in PeopleSoft. Your PeopleSoft environments can be managed by our team anywhere your solution exists - remotely, on premise, oracle cloud, any other cloud, or at our data center. 

Rollcage Technology's PeopleSoft management services provides you with the guidance and support you need:

  • Hardware Installation and Configuration

  • Software Installation

  • Software Management

  • Change Management

  • Access Management

  • Performance Management

  • Applications Support Desk

  • Problem Management

  • Configuration Management

Your PeopleSoft environments are managed to a class leading service level agreement (SLA) that is customizable to your business requirements. Our resources are also based in the U.S. and on average have more than 10 years of experience managing PeopleSoft environments in a number of industries. 

We support multiple technology stacks associated with PeopleSoft deployments including:

  • PeopleSoft versions 9.x+

  • PeopleTools versions 8.5x

  • Tuxedo and Oracle Fusion

  • Databases

    • Oracle

    • Microsoft SQL Server

    • IBM DB2

  • Operating Systems

    • Linux

    • Microsoft

  • Virtual Machine (VM)

  • Servers

  • Storage

Whatever technology stack is being used to run your PeopleSoft solution, we can manage it or migrate it.  

Why choose Rollcage to manage your PeopleSoft solution? 

  • Focus on your business needs

  • Reduce your costs by as much as 60%

  • Regulatory compliance including HIPAA, PCI/DSS and NIST

  • Customizable Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • U.S. based resources with an average of 10+ years of experience

  • PeopleSoft experts on demand



PUM Cloud 

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) in the cloud

PUM for Web.jpg

PeopleSoft version 9.2 provides significant time and cost savings with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). PUM provides a completely new approach for managing new features, enhancements, patches and fixes for PeopleSoft. 

PUM images are complete snapshots of the Demo database. These preconfigured images are how Oracle releases the latest features and functionality in addition to required patches and fixes. PUM is also a server in a self-contained environment requiring it's own hardware platform for deployment. Currently, Oracle releases PeopleSoft PUM images about 4 times a year. The PUMs are scheduled one year in advance of the release with the exception of emergency patches and fixes. The updates to the PUM are cumulative and require active management in order to keep your PeopleSoft environments up to data and functioning properly. 

Our PUM management services provides a simple and effectively way to manage you PUM environment.

  • Preconfigured hardware optimized for PUM images. The preconfigured environments allow for rapid deployment of the images as they are released

  • PUM images are downloaded within 48 hours of the availability of the images

  • Tailored packages are delivered rapidly to your PeopleSoft environments

  • PUM services only require a VPN connection and the PUM environments are available 24x7




Database Administration Services

Leverage our team of PeopleSoft database administration experts. Our team of database administrators are focused on supporting one ERP solution. We understand that your database administrators are highly valuable resources. Give you database administrators the time needed to focus on your business and let us manage your PeopleSoft database needs.  

Rollcage offers the following database administration services to support your PeopleSoft environments:

  • Database and application configuration support

  • Analysis and application of code releases

  • Installation of changes

  • Database space management

  • Systems performance monitoring

  • Issue resolution




Cloud Migration

PeopleSoft Migration Services

When considering a migration of your PeopleSoft solution to another environment including Amazon, Microsoft or Oracle you need the right expertise to insure the desired result. Once of the most critical components in a migration to the public cloud is security. Understanding the security capabilities of each type of environment is paramount to keeping your critical data safe and secure.

Rollcage offers services in support of migrating your PeopleSoft solution to another environment including Rollcage's PeopleSoft private cloud:

  • Pre-Migration Assessment and Planning

    • Security Assessment

      • Existing Solution

      • New Environment

    • Resource requirements

    • Licensing review and requirements

    • Platform Analysis

    • Interfaces and Customizations requirements

    • Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Operating Systems Migration

  • Database Migration

  • Migration Testing

  • Post Migration Support

Rollcage provides PeopleSoft migration services to meet each business's unique requirements. Whether your business is large or small or in an industry with regulatory requirements such as Healthcare, we have the right mix of service offerings to save you time and money.   



Call us for a free PeopleSoft evaluation

If you are interested in learning how Rollcage Technology can help your business, please call us for a free evaluation of your PeopleSoft solution. Our free evaluation will provide you with insight regarding how we can help your business capitalize on the cloud and provide you with a 5 year ROI analysis to justify making the right business decision. 



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