FuEL Methodology

F.U.E.L. is a comprehensive upgrade methodology that addresses the current and future needs of the PeopleSoft Customers, taking advantage of new features of the software while moving through the technical aspects of the upgrade process.

F.U.E.L. can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer, taking into account that they are still running their business while upgrading. The upgrade process can be conducted either in the Rollcage Upgrade Lab or onsite.


  • The PeopleSoft Upgrade Lab provides minimum disturbance to your current production support staff and end users
  • Issues identified and addressed well in advance to go-live
  • Seamlessly load your upgraded database


  • Customization analysis phase runs concurrently with the initial pass of the PeopleSoft upgrade
  • Deployment in our PeopleSoft Lab maximizes the work accomplished while minimizing the impact on the project timeline


  • Successfully upgrade for both mid-market and large Financials and HCM customers
  • Ideal for customers who want lightly to heavily customized solutions
  • Our lab based infrastructure enables high resource availability during peak times.


  • Complete your PeopleSoft upgrade at an accelerated rate
  • Enjoy delivered tuned environments specifically for PeopleSoft Upgrades
  • Benefit of complete team of dedicated full time lab personnel