Technology projects such as an Oracle ERP upgrade typically require a large upfront capital commitment which can affect a company‚Äôs cash position and delay projects until funds are available. Financing provides immediate funding for the cost of project while allowing your business to spread the costs over a longer period of time, providing affordable monthly payments and a fixed project spend. Every dollar you conserve on a technology project can be used elsewhere to grow the business or for mission critical expenses. The use of finance can help drive these projects and effectively keep systems up to date, reduce operational costs and mitigate risk.   

Financing can be an effective approach for Oracle ERP upgrade projects and provides significant benefits including:

  • Supportability - Your Oracle deployment is now supported on the current version. No additional consulting services and/or tax updates are necessary. 
  • 100% Financing - Conserve capital and provide a fixed and predictable project spend. No need to pay a large upfront cost to start your project.
  • Complete Flexibility -  Our financing programs allow you to structure a financing solution and payment frequency that best fit your capital budget requirements and objectives. 
  • Competitive Advantage - Take advantage of new Oracle technology to streamline business processes and increase productivity. Generate more revenue while driving down costs.
  • Risk Mitigation - Hold your consulting and service providers accountable for making sure your project is accurately estimated.

Financing your Oracle upgrade project is a smart and low risk decision. Many technology firms offer financing for hardware or software only; however, there is greater business value and higher return on investment by financing the entire project.

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